Buying a Home in Chicago? Get to Know the Neighborhoods

Buying a Home in Chicago? Get to Know the Neighborhoods

Chicago is a city made up of distinct neighborhoods. Each has its personality, culture, and events, and some are even known for certain types of food, shopping, or theater. That’s one of my favorite things about this amazing city! As a real estate agent in Chicago, I try to get out and experience the unique attributes of each area so that I can better assist my clients in finding a home that suits their needs and budget. One of the best ways to get to know the neighborhoods in Chicago is to check out the community events or festivals. If you’re buying a home in Chicago, here are a few activities that you can do to get to know a potential neighborhood or area.

Garden or House Walks

Chicago Garden and House Walks are a long-standing tradition in many neighborhoods. For a small ticket fee or donation, you will receive a self-guided walking tour of neighborhood gardens, backyards, or home interiors. These are private residences, but don’t worry! They have volunteered to open up their spaces for the public to view. This is a great way to get to know a neighborhood where you might want to buy a home. You may run across the homeowners during the walk and are sure to strike up conversations with the community volunteers and residents! Some Walks events also have music and performances scheduled throughout the day or weekend. I have been a volunteer docent on the Historic Palmer Square house walk and my history major side comes out when I get to talk about the unique characteristics and what makes that home special.

Festivals Music, Art, and Food Oh My!

Chicago loves its festivals – and we try to cram as many as possible into our summer season. Every weekend there’s at least one or more food, art, music, or craft festivals taking place all over the city. If you’re considering buying a home in Chicago, it’s a good idea to get to know the neighborhood and the number and types of festivals scheduled annually.

Food Crawls

This culinary trick-or-treat for adults can showcase anything from food, wine, or beer depending on the characteristics of the neighborhood. Food crawls in Chicago are often organized by the neighborhood Chamber of Commerce. Ticket holders get to walk around a neighborhood and sample cuisine (or drinks!) from the local participating restaurants. You will leave with a full belly, potentially a buzz, and a greater appreciation for the neighborhood and local businesses where you are considering buying a home.

Farmer’s Markets

Another great way to get to know a neighborhood is to visit the Farmer’s Market. When the weather allows, many communities in Chicago use a park, side street, or green space for local farmers and vendors to sell their wares. Strolling through the farmer’s market will give you insight into the community and will give you a chance to interact with other business owners and residents. One of my favorite Farmers Market discoveries was when I found the Chicago Honey Co-op (I love local honey!!!). Don’t be afraid to strike up conversations over some heads of lettuce!

Parks & Rec

Every neighborhood in Chicago has a local park. These green spaces are used for various events, sporting activities, playing with your dog, performances, movie showings, etc. It’s an entertaining way of getting to know neighborhood events that truly run the gamut from wrestling to Shakespeare! For a list of events in Chicago Parks, visit Chicago Park District.
Buying a home in Chicago is about more than just the house you’re buying into a neighborhood and community. As a real estate agent in Chicago, I appreciate the unique aspects of every neighborhood, and I encourage my clients to explore different areas and start building relationships before they even offer in on a home!

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