3 Reasons to Buy or Sell in Chicago This Fall

3 Reasons to Buy or Sell in Chicago This Fall

Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back at Starbucks an event that marks the unofficial start to fall! Now that the busy summer season is drawing to a close, it may seem like the real estate market in Chicago is also slowing down. Well it is! But that’s not a bad thing. Fall is a wonderful time to buy or sell and not just because you can use pumpkins and fall wreaths to add to your curb appeal! Here are 3 main reasons to buy or sell your home in Chicago this fall.

1. For Sellers, There’s Less Competition in the Market

The market in Chicago always surges in the summer, and the buying or selling process can be a bit restless. In the spring and summer, new listings pop up every day, and house hunters may miss your listing in the shuffle. As the temperatures start cooling down and school starts again and there’s a dip in inventory. That means there’s less competition and there’s a better chance of your home standing out and catching the interest of a potential buyer.

2. For Buyers, There Can Be Better Deals on Homes

By the time September rolls around, many homes that were listed in the prime summer season have been on the market for several months with little-to-no action. These sellers are ready to reevaluate their asking price and are more inclined to make a deal which works in favor of the buyer.

3. Both Buyers and Sellers Are Motivated and Serious about Close Quickly

Fall buyers and sellers are often motivated to close before winter truly sets in no one wants to move during a Chicago snowstorm! Buyers who started their house hunt in the summer but didn’t make a purchase are finally ready to start making offers. And with holidays approaching, buyers and sellers either want to be settled in their new homes or spend one last holiday together at their existing homes. So both parties may be willing to negotiate on move-in dates, etc.
Are you ready to list your home now that the summer is drawing to a close? Or are you ready to start making offers? Give me a call and let’s talk more about the pros and cons of listing or buying this season.

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